Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel is the product of a very modest cottage industry. The costs of mass-producing a full color manual with removable/replaceable copy-ready pages secured in a quality three-ring binder are astronomical, so I have elected to reduce them significantly by offering the entire manual on a CD that features 612 professionally-rendered, press-quality PDF files. You can use your CD version of Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel interchangeably on any Mac or PC equipped with Acrobat Reader and a CD-ROM drive. (A free download of Acrobat Reader is available at http://www.adobe.com)

Browse the CD to select and print only the specific pages you need for your current lesson, or go whole hog and create a hard copy of Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel by printing the odd-numbered pages before reversing the paper in your printer tray and printing the even-numbered pages. The choice is yours.

Individual chapters of Syntax For Sailors are available separately as stand alone lessons, and free sample pages are available upon request.

Every purchaser has the author's exclusive permission to make legal copies of virtually anything in this manual that measures or enahnces student achievement.

Not sure about terms like "predicate nominative" and "indirect object"? Syntax For Sailors is hyperlinked throughout, so full explanations are always just one quick click away.

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