Annotated Reed-Kellogg sentence diagrams are utilized extensively throughout the manual to enhance instruction. (The manual features over 300 diagrams.)


Diagrams support and enhance instruction. At this point in the course, students have studied the major parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and are fairly competent with the five noun uses. They have the ornaments. Now it's just a matter of hanging them on the tree.


Why make diagramming difficult? IT'S FUN! After providing the trees, you'll be amazed how fast they become decorated. Syntax For Sailors provides a similar resource tree and answer key for every diagramming exercise in the manual.


Diagrams support and enhance instruction. Notice how easy it is to tell the difference between a predicate nominative and a direct object complement after reviewing the diagrams provided with the explanation. Syntax for Sailors uses diagrams extensively to support instructional objectives. They're everywhere!


Perhaps you're really not all that hungry and would prefer a snack instead of a full course offering. Our Diagramming 101 thirty-three page PDF portfolio features Diagramming Background Information; Options For Options; Nine Practice Worksheets; Nine Practice Worksheet Answer Keys; and The Diagramming 101 Desktop Reference Resource. As part of this special offer, fifteen pages that explain and develop the Clause Cruncher, our classroom-proven, highly effective, logical and systematic graphic sentence analysis strategy, are included free of charge.This is the diagramming "cake"; the basics; the FUNdamentals-absolutely everything you need to know about diagramming simple sentence patterns successfully. Advanced concept "frosting" is added throughout Syntax For Sailors as needed.

Please use our Contact Page to request sample pages. You get the entire 33-page Diagramming 101 portfolio ($8.25) and the 15-page Clause Cruncher portfolio ($3.75) delivered hot and ready to your email address for less than the price of a medium pizza: $6.00.

Diagramming 101 is an electronically-transmitted PDF portfolio. It is not a Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel CD, but it's the next best thing!

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