Notebook templates allow students to demonstrate subject mastery by creating and illustrating their own original examples.


Many lessons start and end with a student notebook template. If you've been following our journey (Remind Me: Options: Practice) through the Parts Of Speech Part One: Adjectives section, you'll see how copying the introductory materials can be an effective tool to get students involved in a firsthand preview of the instructional components stressed in this lesson. This template features adverb intensifiers and adjectives that appear before the nouns they modify.


This template features adjectives that follow the forms of be, "sense" verbs, and other linking verbs to describe the subjects exclusively.




A field trip to South Dakota's Ellsworth Air Force Base exposed me to the Professional Results In Daily Effort acronym, and this ellipsis has become the foundation of my classroom expectations regarding the preparation of wrtten work.

Why have so many of my former students kept their English notebook? The answer is simple: they've put nine full months of work into its completion and have come to realize that this simple but comprehensive student handbook has the potential to serve them well though future high school and college English courses.

Set the bar high, and your students will rise to the challenge. Make the work too easy, and not only will you trivialize the importance of your subject matter, but you will also tell your learners that somehow they aren't good enough or smart enough to do demanding assignments. Why settle for mediocre performance when genuine excellence is perpetually within reach?

Where else in the curriculum are students allowed to express themselves freely and develop a genuine feeling of self-esteem-building individual accomplishment? Not all of the notebook pages submitted for grading deserve recognition here, but every student who tried their best epitomized the heart and soul of Professional Results In Daily Effort, and their accomplishments are no less treasured.

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