The introductory materials are followed by an Options for Options section that not only outlines the resources available for each lesson but also suggests ways to utilize these assets effectively.


The options are just that-options. Feel free to expand, shorten, skip, or repeat these suggested classroom-proven lesson plans as you see fit. Students initially copy the notebook template as an introduction to intensifiers, adjectives that appear before nouns, and predicate adjectives, adjectives that follow linking verbs. They are requested to leave room after each note section for original examples.

The Practice Worksheet; Intensifiers, Adjectives, Nouns initially exposes the students to common adverb intensifiers as they copy 32 of them down the left hand margin of a four-column answer sheet. The instructor provides guided practice with the odd or even numbered sentences as the students include the adjectives the intensifiers strengthen in the second column, and the nouns the adjectives modify in the third. Adjectives that are not accompanied by an intensifier are listed in the last column.


The Practice Worksheet; Intensifiers, Adjectives, Nouns Revisited brings the students back to a familiar exercise and illustrates the review and skill maintenance opportunities built into each lesson. After completing the worksheet requirements, students return to their English notebooks to finish the sentence example requirements.

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