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I have been using your program since the beginning of the school year and I am convinced it is one of the most comprehensive grammar programs out there for homeschoolers. I am on page 80, just finishing up predicate nominatives and direct objects. So far I have already known the material which has made it easy to teach. The real test will probably come when I get to material that I am not familiar with, but I feel confident I can learn it along with my girls....I like your choice of sentences on the worksheets. We have had some good discussions about some of the historical sentences you have written.....I love the "Visuals" pages. We had a lot of fun with these....You also could sell this as two or three different books. I am guessing it will take me 3 years to do this program assuming I keep going at the rate I am now...My girls enjoy this grammar program. I think they like the repetition and finding out that they can master these concepts..... I am very happy with my purchase.

Laura Ringsmuth

We like the program quite a bit. It is logically presented and quite thorough. I am using it with our 7th-grade son and appreciate the orderliness of it and the clever example sentences. Even though I am an English major, I think both his and my understanding of the mechanics of language are better for having done Syntax For Sailors. I am happy to endorse your program.

Kathleen Sonneck

I was struggling through freshman English until I started using the CD. I like the clear explanations and the answer keys that let me check my work to see if I understand the lesson. The professors assumes we already know this, but there are a lot of us who were never exposed to anything in English class other than stories. I have it on my laptop and appreciate not having to lug around another book. I wish my teachers had taught me this in high school.

Amy Riegler


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